How To Save Money On Electric Bill

If you want to really discover how to save money on electric bill, there are a few routes you could take. First and foremost, you could simply switch the company you pay your bill to, in favor of a different company that charges less. This is possible if you are in a state that has deregulated energy. There are currently 21 out of 50, or as President Obama would say, 21 out of 57.

Another road you could take is to start converting to solar energy. Of course, buying a new solar voltaic system would currently take decades before it paid for itself in savings on your electric bill.

How To Save Money On Electric Bill? (Solar Energy)

Therefore, when it comes to solar, your best bet is to find out about building your own solar panels for mere pennies on the dollar. You might be shocked (pun intended) at how doable, fun and easy this is.

If you happen to have a zero point perpetual motion energy generator, you would definitely see how to save money on electric bill like nothing else, but so far, it’s just a concept that seems to defy all known laws of physics. :-)   A full load zero point magnetic power generator also fits into this category.

Then of course, the other route is with energy saving, and electrical power conservation tools & methods, like the power save 1200. (More on this electrical power distribution & electrical power system, later.)

The reason it’s so vital to learn how to save money on electric bill is because your electricity bills in 2011 are going to go up, up, up, like your electric bills increased in 2010.  The same holds true about your power bill in 2009.

Come to think of it, even in 2008 your electricity bill was getting higher. So keep reading this website for money saving tips, power saver ways and answers to help you save money on electricity.

One easy thing you can do is take your light bulbs, the incandescent bulb, and switch them with fluorescent compact bulbs. Just be careful not to break them,  some of the ingredients are highly toxic to inhale.

What are some other easy ways to discover how to save money on electric bill while increasing your power factor? A back up solar power generator is always a good idea, as well as any energy saving system or electrical power system that doesn’t cost more than its worth on the open market.

One of the simple ways to save money on your electric bill is to find ways to use less of it.

You can get room air conditioners and just have them on in the rooms you are in for the time you are in. You’d be amazed how much money you can save by turning off that big central unit.

You can do the same thing with space heaters in the winter, plus bundle up in warm clothes.

There is a kind of water heater that instantly heats water as you need it, instead of holding dozens of gallons of water in a tank and heating it 24/7. That is another big savings.

Clean your refrigerator, and I don’t mean to throw out that 2 year old bottle of salad dressing that is growing new life forms. I mean, unplug your refrigerator and pull out it out from the wall. Get a screwdriver out and undo the panel at the bottom.

I repeat, unplug the darn thing first. Get a vacuum cleaner with an attachment that can reach the coil. Vacuum everything out. Brush it with a wire brush. Did I mention to unplug it first? You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the savings this will bring you.

Get in the habit of turning out your lights when you leave a room. Keep the windows shut tight. Check the vinyl or rubber around the inside of the refrigerator and freezer doors.

If you have a refrigerator that is side by side freezer and fridge, instead of top and bottom, you are wasting good money.

Put bushes around your windows to help block the sun. Put film on your windows that is made to reduce heat from coming in during summers and heat from escaping during winters.

Pull out chargers from the wall when you are not charging phones and other devices. Unplug your TV and stereo equipment when they are not in use.

Sometimes settle for watching DVDs on your computer instead of the big screen every time.

If you do all this, you can save up to 80% every month. Take that money and buy gold or silver to protect yourself from the coming financial collapse.

For more information on the collapse go to

How Electricity Is Made

Electrical power generation is created with magnets inside how electricity is madecopper coils. Michael Faraday discovered this in the early 1830′s and created small scale examples that did not have any practical applications for about 40 years, when Thomas Edison used Faraday’s findings about how electricity is made, he was able to generate direct current that powered his light bulb and later his phonograph.

Nikola Tesla (a contemporary of Edison’s) knew a lot about how electricity is made. He recognized the limitations of DC power and discovered an alternative, AC power, or alternating current. While direct current flowed in one direction, alternating current changes direction up to 60 times per second. This allows for the vastly increased production of electricity as well as for the ability to transmit it long distances. DC power was limited to a two mile transmission limit.

How Electricity Is Made

Power plants generate electricity when fossil fuels are burned to turn the steam turbines which work with the magnets and how electricity is madethe copper to create the electrical current.

In nuclear power plants the atom is split to heat the water that turns the turbine. Seems like a long way to go to merely run a steam engine.

In hydroelectric power stations the water running through dams turn the turbines that produce the electric current. how electricity is made

There are wind, solar and geothermal devices that create electrical current as well. In every instance, one form of energy is being traded for the production of electricity.

The second law of thermodynamics states that energy is neither created or destroyed. It can only change forms. Hopefully you now have a better understanding of how electricity is made.

how electricity is made


how electricity is made




Energy Deregulation Save Money

Why would anyone pay more money for electricity than they have to? The trend in the United States is toward energy deregulation. As of today, there are 21 states that have passed energy deregulation laws.

Experts tell us that in the not too distant future, most states will follow suit. What this means to you, is that other companies will broker deals with your power company, allowing them to sell you the same power you are currently paying for, at significantly reduced rates.

Energy Deregulation Save Money

This is the same type of situation that has been going on for decades now, with various telephone services. You can switch to another phone company that is actually using your current phone company’s infrastructure, and yet pay a lot less.

It’s crazy not to take advantage of these safe and simple savings, especially in today’s economic climate, where every dollar counts more than ever before. With energy deregulation save money! In fact, you can save hundreds of dollars a year, or possibly even thousands.

Businesses may find savings in the tens of thousands of dollars. This is the best energy news to have come down the pike in a long, long while. It’s definitely time to take advantage of energy deregulation save money!